What you will learn:

In our regular Jujutsu classes based Clock Factory, you will discover this combative art of Jujutsu, originating on the battlefield and adapted for the street and tailored to help with personal self defence. Combative Jujutsu is a high martial art for dealing with unexpected threatening situations in real life and enable you to defend yourself effectively. Our primary focus is teaching you how to stay safe against unprovoked attacks.

When you become a Combat Jujutsu member you will learn all aspects of fighting: verbal de-escalation, pre-emptive striking, defences against unarmed and armed attacks such as by blades, bottle or bats.

You will master Jujutsu moves and methods such as throwing, strangles, joint-locks, control, restraints and holds.

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What is it:

Combative Jujutsu, also known as Jujitsu or Jiu-jitsu is a battlefield art originating from the Samurai of Japan. Samurai warriors were usually on horseback and well armed. The martial art of Jujitsu (Jiu-Jitsu) was created as a fighting option if the Samurai found themselves disarmed and on foot.